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CPH Change Conference & Award 2017

The CPH Change Conference is here to celebrate all the fantastic examples of change gone well.

Be sure to see the videos below to get a feeling of how the 1st Change Conference was.

2nd annual Change Conference & Award was held May 4th 2017.

See you in 2018?

The CPH Change Award 2017 winner is:


Coor with the project “Coor Property”

Read more about the project – scroll further down.

For the first time in 2016, the winner of the CPH Change Award was found among the nominees of inspirational change initiatives.

It’s about those who have changed their minds, changed direction and created new opportunities, new ways – a new reality!

See the 2017 program – scroll down to see this year’s keynote speakers and workshops.

Keynote Speakers

Charles Jennings

Terence Mauri

Tim Hughes

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CPH Change 2017

Keynote 1: Charles Jennings

– Known for his book about and use of the 70:20:10 model

– Read more about Charles and 70:20:10 here and here


Keynote 2: Terence Mauri

– Known for his book The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption

– Read more about Terence and his book here and read his columns for Inc. Magazine here.


Keynote 3: Tim Hughes

– Known for his book Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers

– Read more about Tim and his company here and read his blog about social selling here.

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Workshop 1: From Selling to Implementing Change

Speaker: Professor Régis Lemmens – Also known for his book “From Selling to Co-Creating”
See Régis talk at TEDx Liège 2014 here.


Worksop 2: Flexible Working in Changing Work-life Balance

Speaker: Sune Gudiksen – Aalborg University


Workshop 3: Successful Change In an Agile World

-tips, tricks and co-create on how to succeed
Speaker: Marianne Garre Fink and Malene Krohn – SimCorp


Workshop 4: How to Re-launch Company Values Using a Dilemma Game

Speaker: Lars Novrup – Head of HR Development at Nets


Workshop 5: How to Build a Change Agile Organisation?

Speakers: Sofie Halkjær and Liselotte Søndergaard – HUMAN UNIVERZ


Workshop 6: Anticipating Organizational Change

Speaker: Simon Krogh – Postdoc at Copenhagen Business School

Nominees 2017

The three finalists for CPH Change Award 2017 are:

Grundfos – with Grundfos GO Balance

Coor – with Coor Property

IIH Nordic – with 4 Day Work Week

Read a short summary about the three finalists change projects here.

Original nomination descriptions:

Grundfos  IIH Nordic  Coor

Video presentations:

Grundfos  IIH Nordic  Coor

The CPH Change Award winner is..

Coor with the project “Coor Property”


A big shout out to all the nominees: Scandlines, Coor, Telenor, IIH Nordic, Thisted Kommune, DSB, Alm. Brand and Grundfos.


Casper Wakefield

Chief Operating Officer
Willis Group


Pernille Thorup



Finn Borum

Professor Emeritus & Honorary professor


Pia Aarestrup

Global Head of HR Wealth Management
Danske Bank


The jury emphasizes that the winner has led the change consciously and effectively with success and can be of great inspiration for ongoing and future change projects and initiatives.

The jury members are change leaders with practical experience, top managers and leading experts in change management.

Kim Tidemann Jørgensen

Vice President


Finn Bech Andersen

Research Assistant


Morten Slotved

Hørsholm Kommune




The conference is for you who take interest in change initiatives, for you who want to be inspired and for you who work to create and lead change.


Spotlighting the benefits of effective change management in organizations with keynote speakers, inspirational workshops and networking along with announcing the winner of the CPH Change Award 2017


Aalborg Universitet København – A.C. Meyers Vænge 15 – 2450 København SV.


Join CPH Change Award to celebrate those who have made a difference, those who have struggled to succeed, those who have learned by their mistakes and those who have inspiring advices to share. You will definitely be inspired and gain new insights. The conference is non-profit.

But be careful: you might change your perspective!


May 4th 2017 from 09:00 to 18:00.


CPH Change Award 2016

Keynotes 2016

Keynotes 2017


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We do online and offline learning concepts that make companies and organisations drive efficient change processes, improve business, and work culture.


HUMAN UNIVERZ is an international frontrunner in change. We help organisations develop their individual and organisational competencies to drive impactful change. Using effective and holistic learning methods, we strengthen human potential and create business success.


With a focus on action and design based research in organisational change Aalborg University educates students to be tomorrow’s organisational change pioneers.